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The Society of St Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organisation of lay people and was founded some 169 years ago by Frenchman Frederick Ozanam and his companions, (6) in all, in 1883. This all started one cold freezing night when Frederick Ozanam and his friend Augustus La Taillande, who carried firewood to a poor family in Paris.

Since then ST Vincent de Paul Society has spead to some 150 countries around the world including Australia. St Vincent de Paul Society Conference was foundered in Australia on the 24 th July 1881 by Charles Gordon O'Neill at St Patrick's Church Hill Sydney, and began operating Australia wide in 1885.

( A conference is a group of people (members) who meet on a regular bases in their parish or area for the purpose of helping the poor or the needy, is called a conference). The Society of St Vincent de Paul are the only charity who go into the homes of the poor and needy to render assistance. There is a broard range of services and facilities that are available, they are called Special Works and they include: [1] Family Centres [2] Family Care and Support [3] Drug and Alcohol Centres {4] Woman's and Family Refuge [5] Helping people with Aids [6] Food banks [7] Migrant and refugees support [8] Youth refuges [9] Hostels for Men [10] Pregnancy Counselling [11] Disaster welfare [12] Family Crisis Centre [13] Hostels and Nursing Homes for the aged [14] Disabled Persons'Residence [15] Child Care Centres [16] Care of people with mental illness [17] Emergency Accommodation [18] Budget Counselling [19] Christian literature.

St John's Conference ( St Vinnies) at Riverstone renders assistance to the poor and the needy in the form of supplying food, clothing, furniture, visit of the sick eighter at home or hospital, visit the lonely, aged and frail residents at home, visits to nursing homes and goals and Budget Councelling.

At Christmas they distribute ( food, toys) Christmas Hampers to the poor and the needy in their parish and Community.

Head office is located at Lewisham, NSW. You can email email to: vinnies.@vinnies.org.au

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