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Parish Pastoral Council

The Riverstone Parish Pastoral Council is the Pastoral Council of the Riverstone Parish. It's focus is the pastoral life of the parish's involvement in the pastoral mission of the church in the world. Just as each parish is unique, so is the Riverstona Parish Pastoral Council.


The Parish Pastoral Council is a representative body of the whole parish working together to form a Christian Community . With a special sense of responsibility for the spriturial and material needs of people, together with the Pastor, the council reflects on the parish' s ministerial activities and so discerns what needs to be changed or developed in the parish. It is involved in the assessment of needs and resources, policy rnaking, pastoral planning, and in the setting of objectives for the furtherance of Christian ministry within the parish.


  1. To provide a broader base of ideas and foster all talents within our community.
  2. To develop leadership within the parish.
  3. To co-ordinate activties in the parish.
  4. To help devise broader strategies for projects in the parish.
  5. To provide opportunities for parishioners to become involved in parish decision making.
  6. To facilitate a shared ministry.


In carrinying out these objectives the Parish Pastoral Council will:

  1. At the time of new elections, provide for education and formation of Parish Councillors and Parishioners in understanding the role of the Council within the Mission of the Church.

  2. Initate processes of pastoral planning in order to:
    * develop a vision for the parish
    * plan appropriate goals and objectives for the spiritual, liturgical and apostolic life of the parish
    * ensure regular evaluation of the parish's attempts to achieve these goals

  3. Overview the workings of the parish groups and services to provide for:
    * the efficient co-ordination of these services
    * the initiation of new services where needed

  4. Ensure that lines of communication are kept as open as possible between the parish and the broader community.

  5. Prepare the parish for the future, particularly through opportunities for future leaders of the parish to emerge and be trained.

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