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Welcome to the Passionists Family Group Movement at St.John's Riverstone

The Passionist Family Group Movement (PFGM) began in 1972 at Terry Hills, NSW. It has grown to include over 270 parishes encompassing approximately 1,980 family groups through NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Tasmania and New Zealand.

The aims of the PFGM are threefold:

  1. To get to know other members of the Passionists in the local Parish and school community.

  2. To support each other, sharing each other's joys and sorrows and so build up a caring Christian Community.

  3. To involve our children in our Christian sharing directly if possible. If not, then indirectly by our example.

The St.John's Parish Family movement has a number of groups operating and are very active with at least one function/activity scheduled each month. The activities are planned to be family oriented and low costs. There are also a number of combined activities where all the family groups get together.

Pictures and more details of our activities at

Sam & Helen Ursino & Peter & Jacinta Sullivan are the local Co-ordinators for Riverstone. The Passionists Family Group Movement website is

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