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St John The Evangelist

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Friday 10am

4 September 2022

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

First Readingen Wis 9:13-18

A reading from the book of Wisdom

Who can comprehend the will of God?

What man can know the intentions of God?

Who can divine the will of the Lord?

The reasonings of mortals are unsure and our intentions unstable; for a perishable body presses down the soul, and this tent of clay weighs down the teeming mind. It is hard enough for us to work out what is on earth, laborious to know what lies within our reach;

who, then, can discover what is in the heavens?

As for your intention, who could have learnt it, had you not granted Wisdom and sent your holy spirit from above? Thus have the paths of those on earth been straightened and men been taught what pleases you,

and saved, by Wisdom.

The word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

Responsorial Psalm Ps 89:3-6. 12-14. 17. R. v.1

In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

You turn men back into dust

and say: ‘Go back, sons of men.’

To your eyes a thousand years

are like yesterday, come and gone,

no more than a watch in the night.

In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

You sweep men away like a dream,

like grass which springs up in the morning.

In the morning it springs up and flowers:

by evening it withers and fades. In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

Make us know the shortness of our life

that we may gain wisdom of heart.

Lord, relent! Is your anger for ever?

Show pity to your servants. In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

In the morning, fill us with your love;

we shall exult and rejoice all our days.

Let the favour of the Lord be upon us:

give success to the work of our hands. In every age, O Lord, you have been our refuge.

Second Reading Phlm 9-10, 12-17

A reading from the letter of St Paul to Philemon

Receive him, not as a slave anymore, but as a very dear brother.

This is Paul writing, an old man now and, what is more, still a prisoner of Christ Jesus. I am appealing to you for a child of mine, whose father I became while wearing these chains: I mean Onesimus. I am sending him back to you, and with him – I could say – a part of my own self. I should have liked to keep him with me; he could have been a substitute for you, to help me while I am in the chains that the Good News has brought me. However, I did not want to do anything without your consent; it would have been forcing your act of kindness, which should be spontaneous. I know you have been deprived of Onesimus for a time, but it was only so that you could have him back for ever, not as a slave any more, but something much better than a slave, a dear brother; especially dear to me, but how much more to you, as a blood-brother as well as a brother in the Lord. So if all that we have in common means anything to you, welcome him as you would me.

The word of the Lord.

Thanks be to God.

Gospel Acclamation Ps 118:135

Alleluia, alleluia!

Let your face shine on your servant,

and teach me your laws.


The Lord be with you.

And with your Spirit.

Gospel Lk 14:25-33

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Luke.

All who do not renounce their possessions cannot be my disciples.

Great crowds accompanied Jesus on his way and he turned and spoke to them. ‘If any man comes to me without hating his father, mother, wife, children, brothers, sisters, yes and his own life too, he cannot be my disciple. Anyone who does not carry his cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.

of honour. A more distinguished person than you may have been invited, and the person who invited you both may come and say, “Give up your place to this man.” And then, to your embarrassment, you would have to go and take the lowest place. No; when you are a guest, make your way to the lowest place and sit there,-13

And indeed, which of you here, intending to build a tower, would not first sit down and work out the cost to see if he had enough to complete it? Otherwise, if he laid the foundation and then found himself unable to finish the work, the onlookers would all start making fun of him and saying, “Here is a man who started to build and was unable to finish.” Or again, what king marching to war against another king would not first sit down and consider whether with ten thousand men he could stand up to the other who advanced against him with twenty thousand? If not, then while the other king was still a long way off, he would send envoys to sue for peace. So in the same way, none of you can be my disciple unless he gives up all his possessions.’

The Gospel of the Lord.

Praise to you Lord, Jesus Christ.

REFLECTION by Dianne Bergant CSA

The wisdom tradition from which the first reading is taken is rooted in the fact that life is a series of choices. The epistle and the gospel reading provide us with examples of the way Christians should choose. Finally, the psalm’s description of the fleeting nature of life sets the context and tone of our decision-making.

Discipleship demands that, in the face of all the choices available to us, we keep our priorities straight. In the gospel, Jesus insists that we must be single minded. We must cling to the one thing necessary, and that one thing is authentic discipleship. In choosing Jesus, we choose other things as well. We choose new relationships with the very people to whom we have already been committed. Those who were slaves, or lower class, or employees, or providers of service are now regarded as sisters and brothers in Christ. In choosing Jesus, we also choose the cross. We choose to live in a way that calls us to travel the high road: to forgive offences committed against us; to live simply so that others can simply live; to take responsibility for the moral character of society.

The fleeting nature of life as characterised in the psalm forces us to look at the meaning of life. When the day dawns for us to return to dust, what will we have gained from life? The realisation of our finiteness and the transitory nature of life should help us to set our priorities right and should give us the courage to remain faithful to them.

© Dianne Bergant CSA

Dianne Bergant CSAwas a Professor of Biblical Studies at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago, where she taught from 1978 to 2014. She holds a BS in Elementary Education from Marian College, Fond du Lac, WI; an MA and PhD in Biblical Languages and Literature from St Louis University. Amongst other things, she served as President of Catholic Biblical Association of America (2000-2001) and has been awarded honorary doctorates from several other universities. She was an active member of the Chicago Catholic/Jewish Scholars Dialogue (1988-2017) and sat on the editorial boards of The Bible Today (1979-2005), Biblical Theology Bulletin(1990-2014), Catholic Biblical Quarterly (1992-2001), New Theology Review (1997-2003), Teaching Theology and Religion (2003-2005), and Chicago Studies (2003-2009). She has taught and lectured in many places in the United States and abroad and has written numerous books, articles and chapters in books.

Happy Father’s Day

May the Lord bless all Fathers on this special day.

Piety Store - New Opening Hours


10am - 12pm


10am - 11:30am

Unfortunately, piety items are not available for purchase from the parish office.

Children’s Liturgy is now running during mass (excluding Sunday 7am). Thank you to all of new volunteers, we really appreciate your commitment.

Altar Servers - If your child is interested in becoming an altar server, please see Fr Zakaria after Mass.

Gluten free hosts are available for those who wish to receive Holy Communion. To arrange, please contact the parish office the week before.

Tea & Coffee After Mass - Everyone is welcome after Mass on Sunday morning in the church hall.

Safeguarding - Riverstone Parish -

*compulsory course for all volunteers in our parish*

The dates for the 2022 face-to-face sessions by the Diocese of Parramatta in the Riverstone Parish Hall are:

Module 1 – Understanding Safeguarding & the Child Safe Standards: Thursday 13th October at 9.30am (60 min)

Module 2 – Legal Compliance & Safeguarding: Risk of Significant Harm and Reportable Conduct: Thursday 20th October at 9.30am (90 min)

Module 3 – Safeguarding Adults at Risk & Understanding Boundaries: Thursday 27th October at 9.30pm (90 min) Alternatively, you may complete the course online.

The next Sacrament to be celebrated in our Parish is Confirmation. Please register by 30 September 2022 by completing the Enrolment form and returning with the donation.

08 Sept Thurs The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rest In Peace:

All Souls, Chris, John & Maryann Sultana and Sultana family, John & Rosy Attard, John Grima, Peter Shipley, Anthony Buttigieg, Sam Bugeja, Alan Hoare, John & Michael Sultana, Charlie & Catherine Sultana & Sultana family, Br Joe Byrne, Frank Stacy, Maureen Muccillo, Alex Calleja, Harriot Perera, Eva Panikov, George Micallef, Roswil Wilson, Crocefissa & Felice Micallef & family, Nuziato Orlando, Orlando family and Domenico Procopio and Bibiana Malaluan,

For those who are sick:

Especially Adrian Bugeja & Alice Moore and those in our parish community.

Oh God, who through the blessed Apostle John have unlocked for us the secrets of your Word, grant, we pray, that we may grasp with proper understanding what he has so marvellously brought to our ears. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

If you would like to promote your services , contact the parish office to discuss this opportunity.

Your support, as always, is much appreciated. For those wanting to make payments directly to our bank account, here are the details:

BSB: 067950

Account No: 00000172

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Are you passionate about deepening your appreciation of the sacraments? Over two Thursday nights (6 and 13 October),more with Sr Mary Louise Walsh from the Diocese of Parramatta’s Worship team. Face-to-face from 6.30pm – 8.30pm at Bishop Bede Heather Centre (1-5 Marion Street Blacktown). LIMITED September 21

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For Retired and Sick Priests. It raises much needed funds for our Diocese’s Clergy Support Foundation to continue its work of supporting retired clergy and those in ill-health. Thank you for your donations.

Catholic Mission Appeal

Thank you to our very generous parishioners who donated to the Catholic Mission appeal over the last few weeks. Our parish raised $2337.

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St John’s Parish, Riverstone

Youth Group 2022

All school-aged children and their parents are invited to attend a get-together for the Youth Group. Fun activities f or both children and their parents. u are most welcome to bring a friend.

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