Special Ministers


Prayer of Faithful

Childrens Liturgy

Saturday 6pm




C Catapang

A Jaszcyszyn


Sultana family


Sunday 7am



R Bigeni

C Wickman




Sunday 9am


J Bigeni

J Teuma





Sunday 10:30am


H Greedy

Vaikath family

Vaikath family


Roster – If you are unable to volunteer due to Covid-19, please advise the parish office.

Our Saints & Feasts of the week……

Mon 18 Oct St Luke

St John’s Parish Sacramental Program –

The Sacrament of Eucharist and Confirmation 2021

More information soon….

What’s Coming up on our Parish Calendar…

Mon 01 Nov 8:30am and 7:30pm All Saints Mass

Mon 02 Nov 8:30am and 7:30pm All Souls Mass

2021 St John’s Parish Riverstone Youth Group

More information soon…….

Covid-19 Regulations Update Let’s work together to keep our parish safe

Please follow all current Diocese of Parramatta and NSW Government regulations. Thank you.

May God watch over us and keep us safe during this time.

Welcome to St John the Evangelist Parish

164 Garfield Road East, Riverstone, NSW 2765

Phone: 9627-1176 Fax: 9627-5363



St John’s PRIMARY School -Phone: 9854-3200

Parish Priest: Fr Zakaria Gayed

Parish Secretary: Melissa Spence

St John’s Parish Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Mass Times:

Saturday Evening 6:00pm

Sunday Morning 7:00am & 9:00am & 10:30am

Tuesday - Saturday 8:30am

First Friday 8:30am & 7:30pm

ANOINTING MASS: First Saturday of each month 8:30am

Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament for Vocations: Tues after 8:30am Mass


Mass, Benediction & Rosary Friday 8:30am

Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession: Saturday 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Prayer Group (Come and learn what God has to say) Friday 10am

Beloved Disciple Charismatic Prayer Group: Friday 7:30pm

Marriage: Please give 6 months notice.

Baptism: Saturdays 11am and Sundays 12pm

Baptism Information Night: First Tuesday of each month 7pm

Marriage and Baptism by arrangement during office hours ************************************************************************************

Sunday 24 October 2021

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

First reading: (Jeremiah 31:7-9)

I shall lead them back in mercy – both the blind and the lame.

Responsorial Psalm: The Lord has done great things for us; we are filled with joy.

Second Reading: (Hebrews 5:1-6)

You are a priest for ever, in the line of Melchizedek.

Acclamation: Alleluia, alleluia! Our Saviour Jesus Christ has done away with death,

and brought us life through his gospel. Alleluia!

Gospel: (Mark 10:46-52) Master, grant that I may see.

WE PRAY FOR THE DECEASED: All Souls in Purgatory, Chris, John & Maryann Sultana and Sultana family, John & Rosy Attard, John Grima, Peter Shipley, Anthony Buttigieg, Sam Bugeja, Charlie & Jane Refalo, Sam Muscat, Alan Hoare, John & Michael Sultana, Charlie (Corun) & Katie Sultana and the Sultana family, Carmena Bajada, Br Joe Byrne, Frank Stacy, Philip Downey, Maureen Muccillo, Harriot Perera, Jean Schembri, John Vella, Leonardos Tommy Hendra, Maria & Emanuel Hili, Mario & Paula Portelli and Joe Azzapardi.

WE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Dot Sheridan, Kristian & Lucas Cajic, Diane Gauci, Jamie Borg, Pauline Azzopardi, Phillip James, Rena Pulido, Tom Vukovic, Rebecca Dean, Jonathan Baiada, Steve Magazo, William Cutajar, Margaret Saliba, Mary Craddock, Kristena Stacy, Deborah Clifton, Gerry & Bill Whalan, Kathy Treveno, Tina Allen, Kayden Stonestreet, Angela & Domink, Mario Falcone, Cody Bailey, Janice Padernia, Alice Moore, Josephine Sultana, Cathy Harris, Doug Bayley, Adrian Bugeja, Dominic Procopia, Sam Muscat (Malta), Simon Gauci, John Padernia, Ann Marie Padernia, Mark Vella, Kiara Johnson, Dakota Moore, Marisa Gallo and Josephine Bigeni.

November Mass Offerings - All masses during the month of November will be offered for those on the November envelopes. The List can be found during the month of November on the lectern at the front of the Church. Envelopes are now available in the porch. Please write names CLEARLY on the envelopes. Thank you.

November Memorial and Anniversary Masses

A reminder that the month of November is a month to remember all souls. There will be no intentions announced during any masses in November. A private Mass Memorial may be booked for a Mass intention. Thank you for your understanding.

Diocese of Parramatta launches Plenary Council resource website

A new website provides resources for parishioners in the Diocese of Parramatta to stay involved in the Plenary Council, which is exploring what the future of our Church should look like. Beyond the First Assembly of the Plenary Council, visit to find a range of information, a Diocesan prayer and more as we move into a time of prayer, reflection, maturation and development.


Our Parish now has a Tap and Go Eftpos Terminal in

the porch for your convenience. These donations go directly to our Riverstone Parish, the same collection as the 2nd Collection plate.

Donors, please tap your card on the device nearest to the contactless logo.

Four lights will light up and emit a single beep.

A tick symbol will appear on the screen when your donation has been processed.

The amount is set at $10. There are no refunds.

If you would like to donate $20 for example, then you will need to tap twice.

St John’s Parish, Riverstone – Banking Details for Donations and Deposits

FOR EFT - Internet or Netbank

Account Name: St John’s Catholic Church Riverstone

BSB: 067950

Account No: 00000172

Message: (Name of parishioner who is depositing the money)


Account Name: Diocese Development Fund

BSB: 062315

Acct No: 00901486

Message: Agent No 836 (Please notify parish office when deposit made)

The Well’ offers spiritual nourishment during lockdown Need some inspiration and spiritual encouragement during lockdown? Why not check out The Well? The Diocese’s ‘on demand’ streaming site has a tonne of video and prayer resources for you to explore and engage with during this difficult time. Catch up on our recent Catholic Youth Parramatta LIFTED Studio Sessions and learn some new creative skills as we head out of lockdown. Check it out on

October IS World Mission MonthIn three weeks, Catholic Mission will share the essential mission work of Sister Chalaad and the Good Shepherd Sisters in Bangkok, Thailand, as they reach out to vulnerable mothers and their babies during their time of need. You will have the opportunity to respond to this great work and help Sister Chalaad reach out to more mothers and their babies. Please come with an open and generous heart.Freecall: 1800257296 or visit

Young people of the Diocese – we are with you

I am with you always” Matthew 28:20. The Diocese has launched a new website in response to the mental health crisis impacting our young people. The website contains links and information about services that can help young people whose wellbeing is suffering. Please share widely with young people and their families.