Roster – If you are unable to volunteer, please advise the Parish Office.

Please Note: MORNING MASS - 8:30am

Tuesday 6/4, Wednesday 7/4, Thursday 8/4 and Friday 9/4


CLEANERS: John & Jade Oniana





Special Ministers


Prayer of Faithful

Childrens Liturgy

Saturday 10th April 6pm




R Bigeni

S Cremona

(A Jaszcyszyn)





Sunday 11th April 7am



R Bigeni

C Wickman


A Ausage


Sunday 11th April 9am


R Brown

J Padernia

A Dubuisson

S Dubuisson

A Dubuisson


Fr Zakaria and the Parish Team would like to thank all volunteers who have given their time to help at our Masses during Holy Week and Easter.

Fr Zakaria would like to wish all parishioners a joyous Easter. God Bless!

New Giving Envelopes for 2nd Collection 2021 -2022 are now available for collection. Please collect your numbered box from the back of the church.

Sacrament Program 2021

If you have a child who is eligible to make their First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion or be Confirmed this year, please take a letter with all the dates and details from the porch. Please contact the office to book your child to make any of these sacraments this year.

Welcome to St John the Evangelist Parish

164 Garfield Road East, Riverstone, NSW 2765

Phone: 9627-1176 Fax: 9627-5363



St John’s PRIMARY School -Phone: 9854-3200

Parish Priest: Fr Zakaria Gayed

Parish Secretary: Melissa Spence

St John’s Parish Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 2:00pm

Mass Times:

Saturday Evening 6:00pm

Sunday Morning 7:00am & 9:00am & 10:30am

Tuesday - Saturday 8:30am

First Friday 8:30am & 7:30pm

ANOINTING MASS: First Saturday of each month 8:30am

Adoration to the Blessed Sacrament for Vocations: Tues after 8:30am Mass


Mass, Benediction & Rosary Friday 8:30am

Sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession: Saturday 4:30pm – 5:30pm

Prayer Group (Come and learn what God has to say) Friday 10am

Beloved Disciple Charismatic Prayer Group: Friday 7:30pm

Marriage: Please give 6 months notice.

Baptism: Saturdays 11am and Sundays 12pm

Baptism Information Night: First Tuesday of each month 7pm

Marriage and Baptism by arrangement during office hours ************************************************************************************

Sunday 4 April 2021

First reading: (Acts 10:34.37-43)

We have eaten and drunk with him after his resurrection from the dead.

Responsorial Psalm:

This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad.

Second Reading: (Colossians 3:1-4)

Look for the things that are in heaven, where Christ is.

Gospel Acclamation:

Alleluia, alleluia!

Christ has become our paschal sacrifice;

let us feast with joy in the Lord.


Gospel: (John 20:1-9)

The teaching of scripture is that he must rise from the dead.

WE PRAY FOR THE DECEASED: All Souls in Purgatory, Chris, John & Maryann Sultana and Sultana family, John & Rosy Attard, John Grima, Peter Shipley, Anthony Buttigieg, Sam Bugeja, Charlie & Jane Refalo, Sam Muscat, Alan Hoare, John & Michael Sultana, Charlie (Corun) & Katie Sultana and the Sultana family, Br Joe Byrne, Frank Stacy, Philip Downey, Fr Michael Xerri, Frank & Grace Xerri, Emmanuel & Carmen Guiseppa, Paul Azzopardi, Bishop Bede Heather, All Troubled Souls, Lewis Mercieca, Carmelo, Carmen, Rita, Joseph & Maria Vella, Joseph & Maria Hili, Charlie Xerri, Eyvonne & Jack McKuster, Loreta, Mick & Loretu Xuereb, Andrew Chensu, Albert Agius, Vicki Bonello, Jacob Cilia, Sam Bugeja, Paul & Michael Vassallo, Michael Abela and Carmelo, Carmen & Michael Vella, Zenaida Bal, Carmen Vella, Ona Hobbs, Maria Fiorelli, Darwin Baloloy, Maureen Muccillo, Carmena Bajada, Bradley David, Rosalinda Palomares, Raminez & Romeo Masangray.

WE PRAY FOR THE SICK: Dot Sheridan, Kristian & Lucas Cajic, Diane Gauci, Jamie Borg, Pauline Azzopardi, Phillip James, Rena Pulido, Tom Vukovic, Rebecca Dean, Jonathan Baiada, Steve Magazo, William Cutajar, Margaret Saliba, Mary Craddock, Kristena Stacy, Deborah Clifton, Gerry & Bill Whalan, Kathy Treveno, Tina Allen, Kayden Stonestreet, Angela & Domink, Mario Falcone, Cody Bailey, Janice Padernia, Alice Moore, Josephine Sultana, Cathy Harris, Doug Bayley, Adrian Bugeja, Christine & Jesse Messa, Dominic Procopia, Sam Muscat (Malta), Simon Gauci, John Padernia, Ann Marie Padernia, Mick & Mark Vella, Kiara Johnson, Dakota Moore and Syed Hakeem.

Bishop Vincent’s 2021 Easter message can be viewed online at the following locations:

Thank you to our wonderful parishioners who have made donations by using the Tap & Go Machine. God Bless.

Many thanks to the wonderful parishioners who donated a huge number of plant pots for the Plant Stall. Happy Easter.

From Margaret Galea


Our Parish now has a Tap and Go Eftpos Terminal in

the porch for your convenience. These donations go directly to our Riverstone Parish, the same collection as the 2nd Collection plate.

Donors, please tap your card on the device nearest to the contactless logo.

Four lights will light up and emit a single beep.

A tick symbol will appear on the screen when your donation has been processed.

The amount is set at $10. There are no refunds.

If you would like to donate $20 for example, then you will need to tap twice.

St John’s Parish, Riverstone – Banking Details for Donations and Deposits

FOR EFT - Internet or Netbank

Account Name: St John’s Catholic Church Riverstone

BSB: 067950

Account No: 00000172

Message: (Name of parishioner who is depositing the money)


Account Name: Diocese Development Fund

BSB: 062315

Acct No: 00901486

Message: Agent No 836 (Please notify parish office when deposit made)

Maintenance of church grounds – our Parish has already obtained

3 quotes to remove the unstable concrete at the back of the house.

The concrete will be replaced - so that our parish meets safety standards.

We would appreciate any donations towards this project. Thank you to those parishioner who have already donated.

Covid-19 Regulations Update Let’s work together to keep our parish safe

- Please read all notices on church doors and notice board.

May God watch over us and keep us safe during this time.

2021 Project Compassion

Please return boxes and envelopes to Fr Zakaria or to the parish office. Thank you to those parishioners who have already returned their boxes and envelopes.

Catholic Outlook is for sale in porch. The cost is $1 each. Please place donation on the second collection plate or hand in at the parish office.