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The St. John's Parish Youth aims to envole the youth of the Parish in activities associated in growing the Catholic Faith in our youth. The youth group has presently two main areas of activitiy:
  1. The round Robin activities such as indoor soccer, etc for the younger youth.
  2. Activities for the older youth such as Youth Masses, Musical activities, outings, BBQ nights, Games nights, etc.
Saint Johns Youth group has been running for about two years. Everyone Grade 7 and up are invited and encouraged to join. Itís wonderful to be part of a group that go out together and have fun. Activities occur every second Friday night. The group either meets at the church or another location and we all go together. There is always someone available to pick up and drop off those who donít have transport. At the moment we only have a small group and so the types of things we can do are limited. With a larger group we would be able to go on day trips into the city and we are also hoping to eventually go on an overnight camping trip.

The activities are chosen together at a group meeting. We try to have a mixture of activities and take into account cost and transport. Some of the places we go include: ∑ Bowling ∑ Ice skating ∑ Rock climbing ∑ Wave pool ∑ Put Put Our low cost activities include movie nights Pizza and Games nights we have access to a tennis court and swimming pool. If you would like to come along or would like more information feel free to email us at sj_yg@hotmail.com

Or for general enquires: To St. John's Parish office on 02 9627 1176 or email to
email to: stjohns10@bigpond.com

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